Pilvikuvaus provides high quality photography services for different purposes. We offer high quality photographs for weddings, festivals, events or fairs. You can safely let us handle your wedding photography and focus enjoying your unique day. We will perpetuate your day in the best way and capture your precious memories into stunning pictures.

Pilvikuvaus also provides high quality aerial photography for different purposes. We photograph still images with camera-equipped remote-controlled drone copters taken from the air. Our copters has a high quality image stabilization system which makes the camera stay completely stable. Remote-controlled drone copters can photograph such places, that otherwise can be almost impossible to go. For example roofs, chimneys and checking the condition of bridges is easy.

Aerial pictures provide an interesting insight into various events. Also for real estate and homes for sale, aerial photographs are an excellent form of promotion. We photograph beautiful and unique aerial views of buildings, garden and surrounding landscape.


– wedding photography
– photography of the events, festivals, concerts, fairs etc.
– aerial photography of events
– portraits; baby- and child photography, wedding portraits and animal photography
– companies and organizations advertisements, product pictures and portraits
– real estate and housing photography
– real estate and housing aerial photography
– industrial buildings and inspection documentation (for example roofs and chimneys)
– photography for land use planning for cities and construction


NIKON D810 -PROFESSIONAL DSLR: Our photographers has professional full-frame Nikon D810 DSLR -cameras. From delicate textures to high-speed movement, this all-versatile 36.3 megapixel camera is ready for anything. Excelent sharpness, sumptuous tonality and reduced noise across all sensitivities.

NIKON D800 -PROFESSIONAL DSLR: Our equipments includes also professional full-frame Nikon D800 DSLR. From delicate textures to high-speed movement, this all-versatile 36.3 megapixel camera is ready for anything.

GOPRO HERO4 BLACK ACTION CAMERA: Our equipment includes also the most impressive action camera GoPro HERO4 Black. Incredibly powerful professional GoPro Black HERO4 records 4K video at 30fps speed.

DRONE COPTERS: Our equipment includes e.g DJI Phantom 4 Professional -copter with a wide-angle lens, 4K video capture and 12 megapixel still shooting. We also have DJI Phantom 3 Professional -copter.

OTHER CAMERAS AND LENSES: We have many Nikon DSLR -cameras and spare cameras, so that for example, due to the potential breach, we can continue photographing. We have a variety of luminous lenses and from a wide-angle to telescopic lenses.


– It is possible to fly up to -20 degrees. We can fly below 10 m/s wind.
– Copter cannot fly in rainy weather or thunderstorms.
– Decisions are made case by case depending on the weather. Canceled flight due to weather is so called Force majeure -situation and we will not pay compensation for the customer.